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About Us

Migrant farmworkers are essential to our communities - leaving their families for up to 10 months of the year and risking their health to ensure that we have access to a high-quality, consistent food and wine supply.  The Farmworker Hub acts as a vital link to connect migrant workers to the products and services they require. We have a team of dedicated volunteers who share our core value of serving our friends

on the farms with dignity and respect. 

Our Mission is to provide a friendly, safe, central location where NOTL's seasonal agricultural workers can get access to products needed for everyday living – at no cost– donated by local residents, charities and businesses.


The Farmworker Hub was launched in March 2021 because of the COVID pandemic during which migrant workers had limited access to retail outlets or charity shops to purchase food, warm clothing, personal hygiene supplies and small household items. When we first started, we gathered warm clothes through our local Buy Nothing group, sorted and then dropped off the items at the farms. Once the provincial restrictions were lifted,  we officially opened our doors to farmworkers on July 15, 2021.


 In our first season we served over 1,900 workers.

In 2022 over 3,000 farmworkers came to visit us and shop for free.

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